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Calendar of Events


16 Responses to Events

  1. Rebecca Tisdale says:

    I have trouble walking more than a short distance, as I have chronic back problems. Do you have driving trails, as well as walking trails?

  2. Cherie says:

    I am very interested in attending the Wildflower Walk scheduled for 2 p.m. on March 26, 2011. I would like to know the approximate distance to be covered and about how long the walk will take.

    I have always loved visiting beautiful Chicot State Park. I am sooo excited about all the events you now offer. Thank you!

    • Cherie, the distance of the Wildflower Walk on Saturday will be about 1 mile or less and will begin from our old building, the Caroline Dormon Lodge. The Lodge is located on HWY 3042 about 1.5 miles north of the entrance to Chicot State Park. Hope to see you there!

  3. Stacy says:

    Would love to attend the International Migratory Bird Day Celebration and was wondering if there is a cost and if so – how much?

  4. Karen Dupre says:

    Will you be doing a class on wild edible plants anytime soon?

  5. Maria Bertrand says:

    Do you ever offer a class on wild edible mushrooms? If, so when will it be?

    • Maria, no we dont have one specifically on edible mushrooms. We do general wild mushroom programs and mention some that are edible. We don’t have one scheduled at the moment but we will probably have one in the Fall.

  6. Kevin Miller says:

    my three daughters were going to the Arboretum on Sunday and were delighted to find that it was insect day. I was proud of my three-year-old granddaughter, Kylan, who was the only one of the children in attendance, willing to touch a bug. She was thrilled to touch centipedes, millipedes, Beetles, a snake and any other animals they were willing to let her touch. now she wants to go to every event they have, so hopefully I will find out about them in time to get her there.

    • Kevin, Im so glad your family had a good time at Insect Day! We have programs every weekend all year. Your granddaughters may enjoy our Nature for Kids program which is the third Saturday of every month at 10 am. We have one this Saturday. We hope to see you again.

  7. Kevin Miller says:

    How can I get a schedule with the specifics? I was unable to find it @ LA state park site.

  8. Jolene says:

    Do you have a brick project on going a the LA State Arboretum Handicap Trail?

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