Insect Day at the Arboretum! July 16

     The very first Insect Day at the Arboretum will take place on Saturday, July 16th at the Louisiana State Arboretum from 11:00 am – 10:00 pm.

     “Bug-out” with some of the top entomologists and insect enthusiasts in the state, in one of Louisiana’s nicest natural settings.

     During the day, view displays of live and preserved insect specimens and get up-close with hands-on, live insect exhibits. Visit presentation tables by: The Audubon Insectarium, The Louisiana State Arthropod Museum and The Beetle-Experience. Hike the wonderful trail system maintained by the Arboretum and see if you can spot any insects yourself. There will also be a flint knapping (arrowhead making) demonstration by primitive tool expert Andrew Barron (BTNEP).

     ..and when the sun goes down, the shows not over!

     Early evening activities include:
“Bug Talk with Zack and Jayme” (Audubon Insectarium) to be followed by a very special, free screening of the award-winning film: Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo; a documentary which explores Japan’s love affair with beetles, and insects in general. We are hoping to have a special guest for the movie screening.!

     After the movie, gather around various insect collecting light stations to see what critters fly in. The use of “light traps” (AKA: Blacklighting) is a very common method used to collect nocturnal insects. Experts will be on hand to help identify and discuss any insects attracted to the lights.

     Admission to the Insect Day will be free. There is a $1 per-person fee to visit Chicot, (Chicot is free for Seniors 62 and older, and children age 3 and under)

     This will be a family friendly event and will happen rain or shine !


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