Answer to Quiz #1

Praying Mantis Egg Case

Well maybe this one was too hard.  We only had one guess but it was correct. Mantids are related to crickets, grasshoppers and roaches.  The female praying mantis lays this egg case on plants, twigs, or buildings in the summer or fall. Each egg case contains hundreds of eggs.  They will overwinter in this egg case and hatch out in the spring or early summer. The newly hatched mantids eat other insects and grow throughout the summer. By the end of the summer they are fully grown and will mate and lay their egg cases starting the whole process over again. Here is a photo of a Carolina mantid found at the Arboretum.

Carolina praying mantis

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2 Responses to Answer to Quiz #1

  1. That’s a wonderful photo and I never knew those things were mantis eggs! Very cool!

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