Nature Quiz #1

What the heck is this thing? Write your guess in the comments and I’ll post the answer later in the week.

It's about an inch and a half long

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4 Responses to Nature Quiz #1

  1. there was one reply in the wrong post so im putting it here.

    from pecan doggie: I know what that is, but Iā€™m not telling. Part of the answer rhymes with Atlantis.

  2. cath says:

    It is an egg case from an insect … a praying mantis!! Thanks for the hint šŸ˜‰ and … I just found one in my front yard on a cement block. Wondering when they are supposed to hatch in Louisiana, right now I have it outside, under cover in a paper bag clipped shut …. we’ll check it every day (or until we’ve decided it has already hatched it’s babies!!)

    • ours hatched in mid April so I would think anytime now they should be coming out. They are super tiny so you may have to look closely for them. good luck!

      • cath says:

        It’s been a bit chilly lately so, hopefully, it hasn’t already hatched! We are checking it daily. Thanks for the heads up!! Cath

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